Metalkov – industrial complex in harmony with nature under Blaník Mountain. Duplex anti-corrosion protection of products for the petrochemical industry – mobile tanks for oil extraction. Many bridges carry our signature. Workshop surface treatment of oversized components.

Our services


Basic cleaning of metal surfaces from rust and iron scales to create an anchor profile for the subsequent thermal spraying and painting.

Thermal spraying

Thermal spray coating using molten wire (zinc, aluminium and zinacore) to improve anti-corrosion protection.


Hot-dip galvanization coating to protect components (of maximum 15 metres) against corrosion.


High-pressure application of paints or duplex painting of already galvanized steel components.

Corrosion engineering

Anti-corrosion protection system designs. Quality inspection of anti-corrosion protection of components and structures.


Complex supply of components according to customer’s „turnkey“ requirements, starting with their production to finishing and dispatching.